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The Casselman Public Library’s Board of Directors invites you to participate in our Halloween draws which will be held October 28th, 2022.  Participants will be asked to fill in a coupon at their

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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING ARE IN FRENCH ONLY. Documents d’appui: Ordre du jour – 25 octobre 2022 Procès-verbal du 5 octobre 2022 Procès-verbal du 10 octobre 2022 Statistiques livres 2022 Statistiques Overdrive

October 6, 2022 0 Comments

CAPRAS is proud to share the second edition of the Prescott & Russell Colouring Book to celebrate Culture Days! With the participation of five local artists, they have put together a charming collection

October 6, 2022 0 Comments

This month, the Casselman Public Library is showcasing an exhibit by artist Johanne Richer; her art theme for this exhibition is the dance.  Until the end of October, visitors can enjoy her creations 

October 4, 2022 0 Comments

The Casselman Public Library is proud to celebrate the First Nations Public Library Week that takes place from October 3 to 7. This year’s theme is “Bekaa, Bzindaachagan”, which means “wait and listen”

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Supporting Documents: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS ARE IN FRENCH ONLY. Ordre du jour Procès-verbal de la rencontre du 26 mai 2022 Statistiques 2022 Statistiques Overdrive: juillet-septembre 2022 Etat des résultats août

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