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Obtaining a Library Card

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(May 2020)

The Library Board of the Casselman Public Library has the pleasure of announcing that registration to the Casselman Public Library is now free of charge to all residents and non-residents of the Municipality of Casselman.

Please note that proof of identity will be required when registering with the Library.  This proof may be your driver's license (this constitute sufficient proof), rental agreement or electricity bill.

Each person will receive a valid membership card at their first visit at the Library, for which the information will be updated each year. This membership card is required to borrow all types of library material or to use library services. All registered members are not allowed to loan their card and understand that they must inform the Library of any change of address or in cases where the card may be lost or stolen.

Children, including young children starting kindergarten, may have their own card which must be submitted by the child at each library visit. The parent or caregiver for children under the age of 18 must sign the registration form and accept responsibility for the children's loans and incurred fees.

biblio15 .jpeg  Lost Cards
Members are responsible for all transactions with their card. Registered members are not allowed to loan their cards and understand that they must inform the Library of any change of address or in cases where the cards may be lost or stolen.


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