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BiblioCass   Easter 2018 Drawing Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce that Théo Lapointe is our Easter Drawing Contest winner. 

Congratulations, Théo!

biblio15 .jpeg     Happy Easter

Did you know....

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first moon following the spring equinox.  This is the reason why the date changes each year.

In English, the word Easter originates from the anglo-saxon spring and fertility goddess Eostre.

The easter egg is a symbol found in Pagan spring rituals:  it represents new beginnings and fertility.  

Easter chocolate has started through a commercial tradition which celebrates the end of fasting.

 Furthermore, the Casselman Public Library is inviting children from four (4) to ten (10) years old to participate in an Easter drawing contest!

6b5dcdfc.gif The contest opens on March 12th and the winner will be announced on April 3rd, 2018.  All the children's masterpieces are welcome;  a prize will be awarded!

Please visit the library as soon as possible to obtain the sketch for your drawing! 

     gifs-anime-scintillant-gratuit-2014--10-.png                            gifs-anime-scintillant-gratuit-2014--10-.png                            gifs-anime-scintillant-gratuit-2014--10-.png


biblio15 .jpeg   St-Patrick's Day

Did you know :     images.png          images.png          images.png          images.png

St-Patrick was not Irish.  He was born to Roman parents in Kilpatrick, Scotland!  In reality, St-Patrick's Day started in the United States. 
We should really wear blue!   In the Time magazine, several historians report the fact that the color for St-Patrick was originally blue, which color can still be found on ancient Irish flags.
St-Patrick is American.  According to Timothy Meagher, a professor at the Catholic University of America, American cities which counted strong Irish diaspora were responsible for starting in the XVIII century celebrations on that day.

From our team, happy St-Patrick's Day, and all the best! 

      8d6bcdb3.gif                      saint-patrick4.gif                           8d6bcdb3.gif

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