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biblio15 .jpeg   Our Library's Survey

The Library would appreciate your assistance in finding out why you use its services and to submit your suggestions. Would you be so kind as to print, complete and return the survey at your next visit at the Library. We are thankful for your precious co-operation and feedback.



In which of the following   activities would you like to participate?

a) Book Club for Adults

b) Children's Story Telling Hour

c) Book launches and author signing

d) Miscellaneous workshops

e) Conferences

f) Other

In your opinion, a Book Club for   adults would be:

a)   Important

b) Very   important

c) Of no   interest

d) Other

In your opinion, a Book Club for   adults should take place:

a) Once   a week

b) Once   every two weeks

c)   Monthly

d) Other

In your opinion, a Book Club for   adults should focus on:

a) One   book

b)   Different books

c) Other

In your opinion, an efficient fundraising   activity would be:

a)   Sponsoring a book

b) Used   books sale

c)   Organizing a show or play

d)   Donations

e) Other

Would you be interested in   becoming a ''Library Friend'' and if so, in what capacity?

a) By   volunteering

b) By   offering support for the Story Telling activity

c) By   offering free workshops (ex.: Internet)

d) I am   not available to become a ''Library Friend'' at this time

e) Other

Would you have any suggestions to   improve and/or enhance our activities?




Age: 10-15   15-20     20-25   25-30   30-40     40-50   50-60     60+

Sex: Female       Male


Name:_________________________   Tel.:_________________

For which particular reason(s) do you visit the Casselman Public Library?

Book   loans


Various   loans


Reading   and on-site research


Use of   the Internet


Photocopying   and faxing services


Other reasons   (please specify)


How often do you visit the Casselman Public Library in a year?

Once a week: _____

Monthly: _____

Other: ________________________________________________

How would you rate the services you received from the Library personnel during your last visit:

The personnel was courteous and helpful: _____

I didn't need to ask for help: _____

The personnel didn't have sufficient knowledge to help me: ____

Additional comments: ___________________________________

Suggestions for our book collections:

What suggestions would you have which would improve the Library's book collections?




The Casselman Public Library wishes to thank all participants to this survey. Your opinion is important to us!


764 Brebeuf St, Casselman, ON
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Tel: (613) 764-5505

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